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Got 2 B is a radio project which has been running since 2015, created by Emily Pope and Ruth Angel Edwards. The artists make collaborative sound work utilising the banalities of daily conversation, creating narratives which cut between satirical and earnest in their observation. They also collage soundbites from news bulletins and adverts, re-contextualising selected songs, to provide the listener with an interpretation of specific neoliberal landscapes.


Got 2 B aired monthly on Resonance 104.4 FM from 2015 - 2017, and following this has featured on Comet Radio (Deptford) and Montez Radio (China Town, NYC).  

The 'On Coping' Series was commissioned by Auto Italia as part of Auto Italia's On Coping Residency: A Reading For Liverpool.

A section of GOT 2 B AMBIVALENT was published by Bookworks in Happy Hypocrite #ACCUMULATORPLUS, edited by Hannah Sawtell.

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